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Alerts allow you to better manage your accounts through email notifications.

Account and Security Alerts

Account Alerts notify you of specific account activity that has taken place within your account including:

  • Your balance has fallen below the amount you specified

  • CD Maturity Date

  • Loan Payment Due Date

  • Pending Transactions

Security Alerts inform you when any of the following has been updated:

  • Online Banking Customer ID

  • Online Banking Password

  • Address or telephone number

  • Status of an Alert

SMS Debit Card Alerts

Be active in monitoring your account with transaction alerts sent to your phone or email.

  • FUEL - Any time your card is used for fuel at a gas station

  • INTERNATIONAL - Any transaction outside of the U.S.

  • ONLINE/PHONE/MAIL ORDER - Card is not actually swiped or present for a transaction

  • ATM WITHDRAWAL - Be notified if there is an ATM withdrawal from any ATM

  • DECLINE - Be aware if your card has been declined

  • CASH BACK - Many merchants will allow you to get cash back when using your debit card. (get an alert when "Yes" is selected for cash back at checkout!

Log into your account online and start monitoring all of your debit card transactions!

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